Dec. 13 Holiday Treats

The December meeting went beautifully. Laurie was a bit under the weather (wouldn’t you be if you had to make 12 different Christmas treats for holiday sales?), so we met at McMenamin’s again.

We had fruit bread, a raisin butter tart, some oatmeal cookies and … ta da! Sandi’s popovers and Swedish Fruit Soup!

made by Sandi Behlings


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One response to “Dec. 13 Holiday Treats

  1. Sandra

    About the fruit soup: I omitted the raspberry syrup and added a few lemon slices to the cooking liquid. Apple juice can be used instead of water but omit the sugar. Feel free to use any kind of dried fruit. I found quite a few varieties of dried fruit in the bulk section of the grocery store. The soup was usually served slightly warm with a drizzle of cream. Old recipes tell you to rinse the fruit before cooking. If you find the taste of sulfites objectionable, I have heard you can dissapate them by leaving the fruit exposed to the air for 24 hours.

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