Jan. 3 meeting – Multigrain Bread

Hello everyone,

At the December meeting, we decided to return to our original pattern – everyone bakes the same recipe, then we all get to test and taste, noting and discussing differences. We delegated recipe selection to Sandy Behlings, whose first bread this year impressed everyone mightily.

As she did with her fabulous Fruit Soup, she has scanned in the recipe, this one from the original “The Baker’s Dozen” published in 2001. This is the book that started the whole Baker’s Dozen craze. Well, not craze exactly, but a number of groups have formed around the country.

The three pages for the recipe Sandy liked for Multigrain Bread are attached below. It offers plenty of room for creativity within the basic recipe.

NOTE – this recipe takes about eight hours from start to finish, though it includes several hours of rising and proofing in that total.

Click on each image and print it out. It’s a bit hard to read – you might want to run it through a copier that increases the size of the image.

Happy baking!


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  1. IFO

    Click on each little picture, then print each one off.

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