February project – ethnic baking!

First meeting of the year this Monday, Jan. 3, came off with its usual aplomb. We talked, tasted samples of all of our projects, talked, drank coffee, and talked.

After a discussion of salt in many of its varieties and uses, Laurie got out her scales and we compared the volumes of the same weights of both regular salt and kosher salt. You will already have guessed that the kosher salt took up much more space than the smaller grained regular salt. Some of us thought that our multigrain bread recipe, by Peter Reinhart, should have called for more salt.

Considering our project for February, we agreed that all of us using the same recipe was a good plan. For the Feb. 7 meeting with Valentine’s Day in mind, we selected a Czech and Slovakian traditional treat – Kolaches. There’s lots of history behind these little sweets.

Leona Shepherd supplied the recipes attached here. She recommends halving the recipe, since it makes 30 buns, and they are rich! Monica suggests freezing. These ideas will no doubt be part of the discussion in February.



As usual, click the links, then print off the recipes.


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