Bread People Cartoons

Here’s a challenging website: Bread People. Just click on the name and have fun. Also, don’t forget our next meeting on Feb. 7 when we’re baking Kolaches!

Can’t figure out how to get the site’s pictures into this blog, but here’s a list of FAQ’s from the site that should give you an idea of the flavor (so to speak):

Q: How long do Bread People live?
A: Bread People generally live between 7-15 years. The two main killers of bread people are ingestion and mold age.

Q: Where do Bread People live?
A: The Planet Starchia

Q: What are the types of bread people?
A: There are many ‘families’ of bread people. However, there are two basic biological classes of bread people: Carbcranials (Bread Heads) and Carbcorpus(Bread Bodies).

Q: What are Carpastryians?
A: Carpastryians are a race on Starchia. Though they generally are physiologically “sweeter” than Bread People, the Carpastryians are an aggressive race and rivals to the Bread People. They strive for world dominance and to make the Bread People a slave race. However, their selfish tendencies make them a less organized race, resigned to live in their dessert city of Dessertia. They are lead by Vigo the Carpastryian.

Q: Do Bread People eat each other?
A: Though there are rare occasions of cannibalism between bread people, this act is punishable by death in most bread people societies. However, the Carpastryians are more prone to eat one another (and Bread People) and this is an all-to-common occurrence in Dessertia.


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