Laurie’s cookie law moving

***Check out Laurie’s Law and get a bumper sticker (“Legalize Cookies!”) at the Red Fox Bakery! ***

You may have read in the News-Register about our hostess, Red Fox Bakery proprieter Laurie Furch, who has gone to the Oregon Legislature to fix a hole in the laws regarding selling baked goods. An inspector informed her that bakery permits did not include cookies. St. Rep. Jim Weidner has gone to bat for her and introduced HB 3189 with bipartisan support (24 state representatives and senators) to fix the hole.

On 02/16, the bill was referred to the House Business and Labor Committee, where a public hearing was held on 02/28. On 03/04 the committee held a Work Session on it, and on 03/09 passed it out of committee with a Do pass recommendation. On 03/10 the bill was scheduled for a second reading, but that is all the state website on bills has on it so far.

In other news, last week we brought our baked creations that started with pate a choux. We started our tastings with the savory ones with added flavors/fillings of Gruyere, Emmenthal, white cheddar cheeses and Jarlsberg cheese & ham, then moved on to the sweet pastries with fillings of vanilla cream and lemon cream.

Next month, April 4, we will make very small calzones for tasting. Everyone is invited and bringing a self-made baked good is NOT REQUIRED. Just come and enjoy the food and hear about our own successes and failures. These get-togethers are for fun and learning – both worthy goals.


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