Notes from Leona

Here’s a note from Leona, responding to our request at the March meeting for links to the recipe for her wonderful cream filling. Notice how she adapts her recipes according to her judgement and what she had on hand, a practice that we all follow.

Hi all!

I didn’t forget my promise to find the link to the recipe I used for the cream filling on the pate a choux. It even has the note/tip about using a fine-mesh sieve, if necessary. Only change I made is to leave out the pinch of salt since I didn’t have unsalted butter, just salted butter. This site also has some other really yummy recipes, of which I’m going to try the Irish Brown (Soda) Bread next week! Here it is:

I also remember mention of needing a borscht recipe and one using cabbage. Here’s a link to a borscht I tried last night (vegetarian, though there are others on this site having meat). It includes cabbage, so we can all use some of that CSA cabbage we get at the same time! I didn’t have carrots, so I used parsnips; didn’t have celery so I put in a couple of small, chopped potatoes. The recipe calls for julienne cut beets, but I decided that wouldn’t fit in my mouth (even as big as it is!), so I cut into shorter chunks that would fit on a soup spoon. The borscht was so very, very good.,1618,149176-227200,00.html


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