Notes from April meeting

Before getting down to our calzone tastings, we welcomed another newcomer, Pat Hood, who says she’s a total beginner.

We had three batches to sample and as usual each one offered a different bonus and a lesson. Polly lost confidence in her dough, thinking it hadn’t risen enough, so she skipped the rest of the steps. We urged her to have confidence in the recipe and herself and to have patience, giving the dough plenty of time to rise.

Sandy outdid herself again, bringing four types of calzones – two different doughs and four different fillings – various combinations of sausage, tomato and pesto in thick dough. We couldn’t get enough of them!

Jo put a thick filling of ricotta, grated Gruyere, chopped spinach and sauteed onion and garlic into very thin dough. Laurie made a sourdough dough and filled it with cheese and kale. She wasn’t happy with the results, but there wasn’t much left when the evening was over!

We understand that the McMinnville Public Market will be building and using a cob oven on April 15 and 16. Watch the News-Register or the Market website for announcements.

Here’s one cob oven:


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