September – cornbread

Another warm summer night found us at an outside table at McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon last Tuesday, testing and tasting our cornbread offerings.

Polly chose a recipe from Alice Waters’ “The Art of Simple Food,” but she added bacon on her own. She was disappointed at how crumbly the cornbread was, but everybody else just loved it. Group consensus was that the crumbly-ness was due to the large size of the bacon bits. She also honored the great Southern tradition of pouring the cornbread batter into hot bacon fat in a hot cast iron pan to make a crisp crust.

Sandy took her recipe from Artisan Baking Across America by Maggie Glezer. It was a high-rising yeasted bread with a beautiful egg-glaze. As usual, the rest of us loved it, but Sandy thought her corn meal should have been a finer grind. She also put whole kernel corn in it, which gave added sweetness and texture.

Monica selected a recipe by John Phillip Carroll, from the Bakers Dozen Cookbook, titled “Melt in your Mouth Cornbread” and it was. She brought the book with her for further inspiration, since we are considering taking a more focussed approach to our get-togethers.

After enjoying the cornbread samples with butter, we turned to planning what to make for the next meeting. Please see the following post, “October, November, December selections” for our choices.


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