October, November, December picks for coming Mac BakersDozen meetings

At the September meeting, we picked recipes for the next three months. First selection is a Triple Threat: Lemon Meringue Pie (see the next post).

The next meeting will be on Monday, October 3, 7 pm, at the Red Fox Bakery on NE Evans Street just behind the McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon. The recipe will be from the Bakers Dozen Cookbook. Monica will post the recipe.

This will be perhaps our biggest challenge in our almost two years of meetings of McMinnville Bakers Dozen.

We liked this idea because there are three challenges: meringue, lemon custard, pie crust. Each of these elements requires different skills and most of us want to brush up on (or learn!) each one.

After that decision, we were on a roll. Before we knew it, we had ideas for the next six months. Herewith, our recipes for the following two months:

For November 7, same time and location, we’ll make Biscotti, Italian hard-toasted bread for dipping in cappuccino or cafe latte. No particular recipe selected, but we’ll decide that in October.

For December 3, same time and location, we’ll make Brioche – a holiday-type bread. Again, no specific recipe selected yet. Opinions and suggestions welcome.

Stay tuned for the next three! Of course, we are open to new ideas, or, as several of us suggested, perhaps cycling through our past efforts. Not all of us were able to participate in those and some were both challenging and delicious. Specifically mentioned were the layered dough of croissants.

Please do come and bring your friends. We’re a friendly group of people who love learning more about baking.


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One response to “October, November, December picks for coming Mac BakersDozen meetings

  1. Monica

    Thanks Jo. I always enjoy your write-ups on the meetings. You make us all sound wonderful.

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