Great time had by all this month

First the pix, then the commentary.

Lemon Pie

Three more Lemon Pies

There were four brave bakers who undertook the day-long task of baking the pie from the same recipe. As usual, results varied.

One baker didn’t have any lemons, so used bottled lemon juice. We all found it tasted fine. Another baker had lemons, but not enough so she added some water. That tasted pretty good, too, but the lower acid content seemed to leave the lemon custard a bit watery.

The small pie did not lose any flavor or texture by being so small, but the baker herself wasn’t happy with her meringue. All bakers agreed that the cooked cornstarch mixture presented quite a challenge to incorporate into the meringue. All of the buttery pie crusts were beautiful and delicious.

The best part of the event was that the four other people attending who did not make a pie were able to give impartial evaluations and they did so without hurting any feelings. A truly valuable talent! Thank you!


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One response to “Great time had by all this month

  1. JoWriter

    We really learned some great lessons working with this complicated recipe. Here are mine:
    Lesson #1 – check ALL of your ingredients before you get started. Just because you have something on hand, doesn’t mean you have *enough*. I just about ran out of sugar in addition to the lemons.
    Lesson #2 – read the recipe twice and visualize your steps before you get started.

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