Cornish pasties test

Today, after reading up on Cornish pasties, I decided to make some using THIS recipe, although dividing by three. I only wanted two pasties to start, in case they were a bust!

Note the many comments that pointed out how inauthentic this recipe was, since it called for CARROTS! A total no-no for “Cornish” pasties. It’s probably very popular in other parts of England. I used the turnip,¬†traditional in Cornwall, also known as a Swede, and it was delicious. The turnip has undergone several changes in social class over the centuries.

I was particularly interested in how the crust would turn out, since I had skimmed freshly rendered beef fat from some soup bones I had and wanted to use the hardened fat in the pie crust. I had heard good things, but had some doubts. It worked way better than I expected.

The flour and fat blended in easily, unlike my usual pie crust failures using butter. I did put a few drops of vinegar in, though, for insurance. It rolled out beautifully. The crust is flaky, tender and crumbly. I’m so pleased.

Dividing by three was a real challenge. I ended up measuring in grams and weighing all the ingredients. Also my meat was hamburger bits. I have a 1/4 of beef in my freezer and must use it up quickly. About 1/3 of the meat is hamburger, so you can see my dilemma.

Anyway, here are pix of the results. I’m pretty happy about this first try. The top picture shows the pasties ready to go into the oven, the next one shows them finished, the last shows them ready to eat.

cornish pasties ready to bake

cornish pasties done

cornish pasties ready to eat


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