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February challenge

Here’s another note from Monica:


Here are four options for making “hand pies.” The first two are traditional, while the second two are modernized. You have lots of choices to make: type of dough, sweet or savory filling, the size of the hand pie.

Get creative and we’ll see you on the first Monday of February. Remember, we now meet at Sandy Behling’s house which is on the corner of NW Alder and NW 8th.

Monica Schalock





* * *

N.B. See next post for history and pronunciation of “pasty.”

Some people are nervous about calling meat pies pasties, because they, like me, don’t know how to pronounce it. I’ve since learned that the “a” rhymes with the “a” in “pass.”

Others are nervous because some people think there have been a typo for ‘pastry.’

Finally, the major reason for being embarrassed about calling them pasties, is that strippers, or people at beaches use ‘pasties’ to cover their nipples and aureolae. Wikipedia does not have a pronunication guide for this item.



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