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Hello, again. We’re back!

After a long hiatus, we’ve decided to re-activate our McMinnville Bakers blog. Here you’ll be able to see what we did and learn what we plan to do next. We’ll also post interesting videos we find out about. Feel free to submit your own!

Here’s our report on January’s meeting:

Baker’s Dozen meets the first Monday of the month.
Location:  Sandy Behling’s house
She lives on the corner of NW Alder and NW 8th Street in McMinnville
I’ll get the house number in the next email

We changed our meeting place, because Laurie needed time to relax away from the bakery.

This month puff pastry was the topic. Several people used the pastry dough to make palmier cookies; others made parmesan bread sticks or turnovers.

It was a fun and interesting meeting. I certainly learned a lot about burning cookies (first batch); making them too big so they expanded and all bumped into each other (second pan). The third pan came out right, which was great because those are the ones I brought to the meeting!

Next month’s challenge is to make Cornish pastry pastys or empanadas. Later this month I’ll send out three dough options. We will all choose our own fillings, either savory or sweet. It’s going to be a fun month.

Hope you can come and join in the tasty discussion.

— Monica Schalock
— McMinnville Bakers Dozen


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